Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hello!!!  I am on the second day of a 6 day stretch off of work.  Oh I would love to be able to retire.  I am a little too young right now, and seeing that the economy is in the crapper and only going to get worse, I guess that I will hang on to my job as long as I can.

  I haven't been doing much.  I spent the day sewing with a friend.  When I am done here I am going to start sewing again and finish up my spool blocks. 

Later, I am going to go pick up some soil and tomato plants.  I am going to have a bucket garden.  I am so under weed attack in my yard, I am not going to fool with a garden.  But I don't like paying $3.00 a pound for tomatoes so I am going to grow some of my own.

Tomorrow, I am going to Amishland to take my sewing machine for a cleaning.  I have an appointment, so I can pick it up a few hours later.  I am also taking my friend's machine, and we are already planning to go back to  pick it up.  I have a $50.00 credit to spend at Millers.  I will be able to spend it without worrying about my husband sitting in the car waiting for me.  He never complains, and thank God, he never comes in and follows me around like some women's husbands do, but, I'm more relaxed if I know that he is comfortable.

I'll take lots of photos, and I will be back to show you what I am doing.  I hope that you all have a great holiday, and that you spend a little time remembering those who gave their all to protect our country, so that others can destroy it.



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