Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Got a surprise today. I went to vote with every intention of leaving
the Republican party to become an Independent only to find out that
last time I had to declare in the presidential election, the lady
switched me to Democrat without my permission. At the time there was a
mixup. In her mind anyway. I don't think she could believe that
someone in my area would actually be a republican. She tried to give
me a Democratic ballot at the time and I wouldn't take it. Today,
another primary, she tried to give me a Democratic ballot again, after
all there WAS a big D behind my name. You would be proud of me. I
didn't pitch a holy hissy fit ( maybe the full weight of being a
Democrat all of this time didn't hit me.) But I am officially
independent. I have 6 months to study the field of political dirtbags
that want to represent themselves for my city, county, and state. I
just got the pleasure of voting against my city or state taking more
power or more of my money. That was satisfying.


kwiltmakr said...

It is getting so they take more and more and waste more and more and we are left holding the billand paying more and more.

Rian said...

As I am moving and changing my voter registration, I have considered becoming Independent. I haven't actually made the switch officially yet.

dee said...

Yay you!