Friday, June 25, 2010


All of the mainstream media outlets will be airing specials. It's not like we have anything like a massive oil spill, massive taxes, massive debt, congress skulking around with another 2,000 page bank bill, FCC skulking around trying to shut up the Internet and talk radio, and Communists taking over the country to worry about. It's just good to know that the king of pop is still corked. Geeze. At work, making it possible for useless do nothings to get a check in the mail. And I guess I will be out of the running for AQS blog of the week now...

From Teri

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Buckeye Bev said...

Oh my gosh, but your headline made me smile! You're *right* -
I have admiration for his early work but he got TOO strange over the years.
I'm left with just feeling sorry for him and especially those he touched. Pun intended.

On with Life.

kwiltmakr said...

Yeah and now the dad is sueing the doctor? Give me a break!

dee said...

lets see, the begining of the Korean War, Idiots, liars and thieves running the asylum and the largest natural disaster in our countries history causing people to commit suicide and everyone is angry at everyone else but by all means lets stop to commemorate a pedophile...yeah. Makes perfect sense to me.