Monday, July 05, 2010


Okay, I found this video, about ten minutes long.  It has clips  of funny moments of season 5 of Doctor Who.  He has completely charmed me.  For those of you who have never seen this show, the Doctor is an alien, a time lord.  He travels through time in space in his TARDIS which looks like a blue phone booth.. it's bigger on the inside.  When he is near death, he transforms into a different looking character with the same memories, but he looks different and has a different personality.
This character is the brand new eleventh Doctor.  So when you see him with the little girl, he is brand new, and this little girl eventually turns out to be his traveling companion Amy Pond. He messes up and is gone 12 years instead of 5 minutes and when he gets back, Amy is grown.

Anyway, this video is made up of clips of funny moments of this season.  I hope that you like it, and decide to watch it.  There are still 3 more shows for this season.  They air on BBC America on Saturdays at 9pm.

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