Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Why is it that when a co-worker finds out that you lost a dog, they just happen to have a new litter of puppies and they tempt you?
I had a yellow lab when I was in high school.  She died of old age.  I made the mistake of telling my husband that I always wanted a male black lab.  I also let it slip that if I was to ever get another dog I would name it Walter, after the character Walter of Fringe. 

And what do you know?  There are three black male pups in the litter.  And "they are always the last to go because no one likes the black pups".  

Come on!! It's just not fair.  I also remember saying.. no more big dogs..


Buckeye Bev said...

I remember your yellow lab, Teri. Good luck resisting these little guys....
I think Walter would be an excellent name.

Betweens said...

Teri take the one on the left the chubby one. I am sure he will make you very happy. Can`t wait to see where Walter will be sleeping...LOL

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Today Max and Shelly (my family's dog) came to visit me. Shelly was adopted by my ex-husband and son just after mothers day. Shelly is a black lab, female and about 18 months old. If you vist my blog you will see photos of her and our two dogs who were killed in December, when they were hit by cars. It is a blessing that I read your blog to remind me to post Shelly's photos and remember my pups. Good luck picking just one because I would want them all.