Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Twenty five years ago today, my two girls came one month early
This is their first day home from the hospital dressed in little dresses and bonnets that I smocked for them.  They were tiny.  Meghan came home weighing around 4 pounds, and Jaclyn was around 5 pounds. I was lucky though, they were healthy and thrived.
Every month for their first year I would prop them up and snap a photo.  This is the two of them at one month. Sadly, no digital photos then, so I was stuck with whatever kind of photo turned up from being printed.  I still haven't gotten around to scanning albums into my computer yet.
In this photo, they are around 4 or 5.  They are dressed in outfits that I made for when they went to the Twins Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio.  It is held every August, and is lots of fun to go to see other multiple birth siblings.
Beautiful subjects for my meager photography.  I always figured that I took better photos of them than any that I had ever paid for.  So I took their senior photos.  We went to a local park in the autumn and got some lovely photos.
They have both grown into wonderful young women, and I am very proud of both of them.  This is the first time that the two of them have been apart for their birthday. Luckily, because of the technology we enjoy, the distance is shorter. 
Last summer, the last time we were all together, I took this photo of them.
You know, I've heard that it is a genetic trait that makes it possible to roll your tongue like Meg is doing.  I can't do it, Jackie can't do it.. Meg and her father can. Freak of nature.

Happy Birthday girls!!  If I could choose to be a certain age again, and I would only do it if I know what I know at my current age, I would choose to be 25. I wish you a life of happiness.  As much happiness as you have brought to mine.


Rian said...

Pretty girls. I would be freaked at the thought of twins. Just last week I read about the Twins Festival in Twinsburg Ohio. Those polka-dot and stripe outfits are darling!

jb81185 said...

I love you!! Thank you for this spot on your blog. We are very blessed and truly lucky to have an amazing mother like you! Ypu've done so much for us and gave up everything. 25yrs is a long time but I wouldn't choose to live it any other way! I love you!

Meg said...

I love this :) I can't believe how the years have flown by. I'm sad we all can't be together but we will soon :) Love you soooo much.