Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I've always said that I am a bells and whistles kind of girl.  While many of my friends are loving their featherweights and treadles, I couldn't survive without my high tech Pfaff.  As a matter of fact, about a month ago I took my featherweight (was my Aunt's) to my sewing group.  I only had to baste some stuff, I thought I would give it a spin.  I pressed on the pedal one time.. it died, and it is still sitting in the back of my car.  If I ever get around to dragging it back into the house, it will sit in the closet where it belongs.

This brings me to washing machines.  I am definitely NOT a bells and whistles girl when it comes to appliances for household use. I just want to turn a knob and push it in to start it.  These days, it's harder to find a simple washer
Okay.. not THIS simple, but I do remember being mesmerized by the wringer washer used by my childhood babysitter, Betty. 
A week or so ago, I had to get a new washer.  I bought a Maytag.  I went from a front load washer to a top load with a tiny little agitator. It was awesome for about 6 loads, then when I put clothes for work in it at the last minute (of course) on Sunday evening, I got an error message saying the lid was up ( not locked) and the washer wouldn't run.  I got the message repeatedly.  Why does a washer lid have to lock?  Probably some stupid kid tossed his baby sister into a washer at some point, lawsuit.. hence locked washer lids. 

So today the repairman came.  He came first thing this morning which was great.  I figured I would be sitting all day waiting.  I showed him what error I was getting.  And I didn't get two steps up the stairs and he said "It works".  He hooked up his computer to the washer, ran diagnostics, and after we discussed it, it was decided that I did everything in the wrong order.  I lifted the lid to the washer, loaded the clothes, soap, fabric softener and THEN turned on the power.  From now on I have to turn on the power FIRST and then load the clothes. 

Geeze, why did they have to make things so complicated.  Oh well, I could be pounding my clothes on a rock, or a washboard and buckets.. I guess if I can figure out how to use a computer, and a fancy sewing machine, I can remember to turn the power on a brainy washer before I make it think about how many clothes I put in it. 

Have a good week!!!



Rian said...

I agree, some things are just way too complex. My camera has a gazillion settings, but what do I keep it on? Program. Our thermostat is so complicated I just turn it on when I get hot, turn it off when I go to bed. Too difficult to figure out. The TV remotes are beyond me, all I want to know is how to turn the damn thing on.

We had a wringer washer when I was a kid. Grandma used a big wooden stick to push the clothes down into the water.

Anonymous said...

I remember my mother using a wringer washer. It was a lot slower than an automatic machine. I guess it kept you in good shape. I feel about it kind of like the way I feel about girdles and Modess pads -- thank God I became a teenager just in time to be able to avoid them.