Monday, September 13, 2010


Recently, I purchased this magazine.  It has several nice quilts in it.
There was an ad in it, and one of the quilts caught my attention
It is the brown white and blue quilt in the center hoop.  I saw friendship stars and white paths with geese.  So I went to EQ and drew up a block.
I put a few of the blocks together
eh.. doesn't do much for me.  Friends suggested that I do it scrappy.
Nah.  loses the whole swirly white path in the quilt in the ad.
So, I tried it in my favorite standby.  Black and batik scrappy
It's okay.  Just isn't the same.  Doesn't have the same look as the quilt in the ad.  Am I missing anything in the design?

I will probably never make the quilt, but just wanted to play around to figure out how it was done.  It just doesn't look the same to me. 

Hope that your Monday was good.

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Dorothy said...

Your stars are spinning the wrong way. I can't imagine that it could make *that much* difference, but it's all I can see.