Friday, October 22, 2010


Do any of you watch Criminal Minds?  If so, have you noticed a change in the show?  I've watched it for years and for the past year I have noticed that they have gone in a different direction.  There are the murders, but I remember that they normally came in after the fact to investigate.  Yes, there was gore, I could get past that because they didn't linger on it.   I liked the characters in the show, so I could overlook the gore.  But within the past couple of years, they have showed the murders, usually with torture of the victims.  Too often it is familys, like this last episode. I just can't watch the intentional killing of even fictional TV actors.

I just think that there is enough misery in the world without including torture -as- entertainment into my life.  I've been watching this show less and less, and the last episode was the last for me. 

The same goes for shows like Two and a Half Men.  I used to think it was hilarious.  Now it is getting so raunchy and immoral, I quit watching it last season. Grey's Anatomy is one big screwfest.  Those characters have absolutely no moral compasses. Quit watching that.

Never could watch CSI.. gross autopsys never did much for me in the entertainment department. Never cared enough about any of the characters to stick with it.  I do like Bones, although it is mostly because I like the characters.

Don't like reality shows, with the exception of "So you think You Can Dance".  Don't like to watch spoiled trash spill into my living room.. ie, Bachelor shows, Jersy folk, real life court shows etc. 

The same goes for books.  I used to love the Patricia Cornwell crime series with Kay Scarpetta. until it got to the point that it just seemed that she went over the top explaining exactly how the serial killers did their thing.

Is it just me?  Do any of the rest of you notice the darkness passing as something meant to entertain us?  I just don't look to any of this stuff as an escape. 

Going to a quilt show tomorrow.  I'll let you know how it is!



kwiltmakr said...

yes, how right you are! I watched Criminal Minds when it first came on but I soon realized it was a bit "sick" for me. CSI shows are getting a bit too detailed for me as well. I don't like all the "details" of things. As for Two and a Half Men, the show was always a little too oriented in sex department for me to watch. They are too open and free with it all and they make it seem OK to be such a "ladies man" as Charlie Sheen plays, can't stand him. And I was not surprised by his legal problems. Not too much good on TV anymore.

Rian said...

I don't watch a lot of TV but I do love Three and a Half Men. We watch the syndicated version most evenings even though we've seen most of them. Always good for a laugh. The other night I watched the "new" version of 3½ and was shocked at how dumbed down and stupid it was. Charlie looked like a train wreck and the jokes were all about Alan masturbating around the house with his laptop. Sick. Not funny. No doubt the team of writers has changed.

I think this is why clever shows like M*A*S*H, Seinfeld and Cheers quit while they were still going strong. I caught a rerun of Cheers last week and laughed myself silly.

So it isn't that I've lost my sense of humor in my old age, it's that humor has evolved into something...different. Something even a laugh track can't help.

If you like British humor, rent Death at a Funeral. You will die laughing. Do NOT rent the remake by Tyler Perry, who has reduced this fine piece of funny business to nothing more than yo bitch jokes and the f-bomb.