Saturday, October 23, 2010


Went to a local guild's quilt show today.  It is held every other year and I love it because I can buy books and magazines very inexpensively.  They are castoffs from guild members. I spent an entire $3.75 for all of this;

You just can't beat getting a current Amy Butler pattern for 50 cents.  I am excited about the Civil War Women book, and I accidentally bought a JINNY BEYER BOOK  the 1986 softcover version, I already have the original 1980 hardcover book. I picked it up,and used my phone to check out my Library thing site.  I saw that I already owned it, but apparently didn't put it back.  Didn't know I had it until I got home.

There were only 3 vendors from local shops and I bought a yard of fabric.  I got this free bag, with my book purchase.  These were made by a guild member.  I love the fabric, and my friend graciously let me have it when it was the only one.
I love getting older books.  not all of them are worthwhile, but they always have some sort of eye candy that give me ideas.  Even if I don't follow through.

It is chilly here.  It is 68 in the house, which is what we have it set on all winter.  We haven't turned on the furnace yet this year.  I am just chilled to the bone. I'm ready to go to my sewing room and dig out my little desktop electric heater just to warm up.

I hope that you are all having a good weekend!


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kwiltmakr said...

I guess you had a nice day. I have been going to get that Amy Butler pattern. I like your price better. Can't wait to see your pattern all made up. Let me know if I really want to get that pattern. If it is a really nice pattern I wouldn't mind paying the $ for it.