Sunday, October 10, 2010


I have got a bunch of easy quilts planned. This is unusual for me, as I like harder quilts.  But I am tired of using my other quilts and I am ready for something new.  When I am sure that I have exactly the yardage I need, I will post the directions for one of the three similar quilts that I have planned.
 This project requires two sets of 5" squares.  I chose two of the same line.  I love moda.  The two of these will give me 84 blocks.  The layout that I have chosen means that I only will need 80 of these squares.  I bought a coordinating moda solid for the sashing.  More later..
This is one of the boxes that I had in my blog yesterday.  It is 5x7 and holds ll of the fabric and pattern for this miniature quilt. That I will eventually get around to making. 
Was a nice weekend, my husband put in the last window.  He did such a good job.  It took a little over a year, but we got in 11 windows and two doors. My husband put all of them in.  We got really nice windows at a quarter of the cost that it would have cost to have them installed.  I'm very lucky that my husband picked this kind of hobby.  

Have a good week!!! 

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kwiltmakr said...

Love your fabric. About the windows, we had some installed by a company here and got screwed! We should have done it one window at a time like you did. WE wouldn't be out 6 grand now and would have decent windows now. They still leak and they area major name brand window.