Saturday, November 27, 2010


It's early on Saturday and I decided to get up and do something.  Crazy Fox News lady is exercising on the morning show.  Only crazy because of the exercise part.  Well I should look on the bright side.  At least it gives me a break in the constant bad news department.
Thank God our crack FBI caught that Muslim terrorist before he killed a bunch of people at the tree lighting ceremony in Portland.  He even went as far as dialing the cell phone to detonate the bomb.  Luckily undercover agents had switched it or provided a fake bomb.

I sat down last night and started knitting fingerless gloves only to realize that I had 4 balls of this variegated yarn, but every one of them was different. So "unfortunately" I have to go to the yarn shop later this morning. 

I found my family recipes when cleaning out my old sewing room.  I'm going to get something together so that I can eventually post all of them here on my blog.

Other than that, not much going on.  I'll send a photo from the yarn shop later.


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