Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I should pull open drawers more often.  I was getting ready to dye some fabric in blue gradation for a class I am taking with MARIA ELKINS .  The class is tomorrow, so by the time I chose the photo I would use, and spending time with my daughter who is visiting, I am getting what I need for it together today.  Before I started dyeing, I thought I would look in my drawer marked "Cherrywood fabrics" and this is what I found.
picture 002

Surprise!!  I'm sure I bought this with a project in mind.. but I will have to come up with a new idea now.  In addition to this, I found this
picture 004
I remember having this, but I hadn't touched it in a while. It is called "Radiance" by Robert Kaufman.  It is 45% silk and 55% Cotton.  These are hand dyes, but I have some yardage of plain white to dye myself.  It is soft and shiny.  I think I planned some sort of miniature whole cloth with these.
Oh.. and I found the blues.  Left overs from my miniature pineapple.  So since I don't have to dye fabric, I'm going to the movies with my girls!  Later!

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