Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Waiting for my daughter to come over for our standing movie date.  We normally go to see a movie that my husband and I wouldn't bother with (chick flick) sometimes they are okay.. most of the time they aren't.  But it is worth it to spend time with my daughter. I wish my other daughter was close enough to go with us.

I'm still looking for the fabric that was used for the border of my latest miniature quilt.  I'm pretty sure that it was a large amount of yardage, but I might just be delusional and actually used all of it.  I need to put on a binding and I want it to  match.  I don't need to have it done for a month.. I'll think of something.

Anyone that has read my blog for any period of time knows that I used to not be able to post anything unless it had some sort of political statement attached.  Long time readers... do you like the change?  I finally backed off because I found myself angry all of the time, and there was not a thing I could do about it.  Let it suffice to say that my whole attitude now is "I told you so..."

Happy Day!!



GerryART said...

It's interesting that I did notice the difference.
I really didn't mind
you telling us what was on your mind.
Gave me something to think about.

However, politics is always thought provoking.

But I know that quilting is something we all can agree upon. No matter was part of quilting the subject is - we all love quilting.

I've enjoyed your blog for quite a while now. Thanks for blogging.


Rian said...

Have you been watching GB lately? I was finding him a bit...out there...for a while but he is really onto something big this week.