Friday, April 15, 2011


My friend bought these hexagon English paper piecing templates a few years back.  I was asking about them, because I knew that she had abandoned her silk project.  I may sew what she finished together and make them into something for her.. she glued them to the paper.. bad idea.  I was thinking of doing something with cotton using them.  Might put me over the edge though.. so I don't know. 

I got this in an email today from another friend

The Bad News;
this, from the Good Wives blog:

    "The bad news is on an industry level.  While we've tried very hard to keep our prices down, and not raise our prices every time a single company hits us with a price increase,  we hear from the reps that they wouldn't be surprised to see prices rising to $15/yard by the end of the year due to a baaaaddddd cotton crop and fewer farmers growing cotton."

What I've worried about since I'd heard back in October about that cotton price increase  seems to be coming true.  Ugh.   And what will happen to cotton batting prices??   Does my crystal ball see Seventies polyester clothing and batting again???  Sigh.

In Stitches,

So I was wondering?  How much will you be willing to pay?  For once I am glad that I have a closet full of batting, and so much fabric that I can't find a place for it.  I think this and rising costs in everything else will put quilt shops under for sure.  Maybe we will use more wool and silk battings?  But what about thread and fabric?  will be sticking with smaller quilts I guess..

Your thoughts?

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kwiltmakr said...

Good grief!!!!!! I hope to heck she is wrong wrong wrong. I am not willing to pay that much simply because I won't be able to afford to pay that much. I think it is high enough now. I need to stock up on batting and I have quiet a bit of fabric too but not near enough if they reach that price per yard. We aren't made of $$$ are we.