Sunday, May 29, 2011


I understand Capitalism.  And I understand how stores price things and why some stores can offer items at a lower price because they can order in bulk.  But, that doesn't mean that what I realized about a 50% off notions wall sale doesn't leave me a little bit ripped off.

Here is what I mean;
50 Flat Flower head pins. JoAnns notions wall regular price.(half price abt $3.50)
Walk back to the quilting section (no sales) and 50 flower pins is 4.49 .  I'm wondering if the regular price goes up when the quilting notions are half price. 
Sorry for the blur... Walmart 100 Flower pins. 
Blue Mark-B- Gone.  JoAnns notions wall sale full price. 
Walmart Mark -B- Gone pen regular price. 
Less than the price with the half price sale. 

Just thought this was interesting, and I don't know why I didn't figure it out until now.


Terrilynn said...

It really pays to look around! I've found that sometimes when I go for the cheaper stuff at wally world I really get what I pay for! The pins are great, but the pen might last half as long if that! I've learned that sometimes I just have to pay for the good stuff to get my money's worth! Great post though...The Joann's pins thing would tick me off too!!!

Barbara Chojnacki said...

To make this even more interesting...go to the Dritz web site and click on "Our Brands". One company, similar notions under many labels.

Sewing Junkie said...

If you go to and look up carpet blades you find 45mm rotary blades 2 for 1.99. They are sharp and cheap, but they work just fine. Chris