Friday, May 27, 2011


I made a take a long supply box so that when I go to sew with friends, I never have to gather tools, because I know that I always have anything that I need in one place.  So, when I leave my house to sew, I take this box with me.  Actually, I bought a used Pfaff that takes the same bobbins and feet.  I made sure that I didn't get a computerized machine, so I didn't have to worry about knocking around my good machine while traveling.  So, when I go to classes, all I need to get together is whatever project that I'm working on.
If you would like to put a box together, I will give you a list of what I have and you can compare and hopefully get some ideas.
The box on the right is my old box.  I got the box on the left at JoAnns (50% off sale)
This is the inside of my old box.  Kind of chaotic, but still had everything that I need.
 These fit inside of the large box.  I didn't use the "1   2XL"  It is one compartment.  I am going to use it for my color pencils.  I'm old school, and I still prefer designing on graph paper.

I took photos of some of my tools;
This is my favorite magnetic pincushion made by Clover.  This little needle threader is nice, I don't use it a lot, but it works. 
This is a really handy ruler.  It folds up to take up less space and comes in a little slip in pouch to protect it. 
I always have a need for graph paper.  This little notebook is only about 3 x 5".  I have found many different kinds of little graph paper notebooks at Target.
These are just some miscellaneous tools.  The "purple thang"  has a bunch of different uses.  An awl is handy, Can't think what the white tool is called.  I use it to score fabric to temporarily mark for quilting.  Machine oil, nice to put a drop in the bobbon case.  wooden point thing.  I might need it.  Utility knife, tweezers, Gingher snips - love them.  Hemostat comes in handy sometimes.  
Here is my entire list
Hand sewing needles
Thread Heaven, 
extra machine needles
These green loop things found in the dental section in Walmart.  Come in a little box of their own.  They are good for threading machine needles if you have a problem doing that. 
extra bobbins
120" tape measure
2x2" cube of post it notes -  might need to write a note to myself.
screwdrivers I got a tiny one with a cover in the eyelass section.  Good for adjusting bobbin screw
box of hairpin shaped pins for pinning seams 
Marking tools; two peparmate sharpwrither #2 pencils, water soluble marker, blue and white, black permanent markers 01/05 I use zig millennium or pigma pens
telescoping magnet.  Great for picking up the needle that you drop somewhere on the floor under you.
seam ripper
glue sticks,
small rulers
small fold up reading glasses
small calculator
small pad of paper for notes
graph paper
rotary cutter with extra blade
extra thread spools for piecing
extra machine feet
small container for broken sharps
reducing glass
large and small scissors - I have good ones, and one that is just for paper.  I also keep a set of small and large serrated edge scissors  
Small hand fan.  Mine is one of those round nylon ones that folds up and fits in a pouch.  Hey a girl gets hot sometimes....if not, her friends might..

Top tray after moved into larger box
This is the bottom section of the larger box.
I hope that you got some ideas that will help you make a Take-along toolbox for yourself.

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