Friday, May 27, 2011


Spent some time this week working on a quilt.  I'm doing this one old school... right up to the part where it is machine quilted.
I bought some wide backing, good quality muslin to use as a backing for this quilt. Sometimes I piece backs, but for the most part, I don't like dealing with large pieces of fabric, (I'm a mostly miniature quilter for a reason) so I get wide backing for my normal size quilts.  I also used 100% cotton batting this time.  
This is the quilt that I made with swapped blocks, and fabric out of my stash.  I spray basted it with 505 BASTING SPRAY to get it to all hold together to make it easier to thread baste with water soluble thread.  Pins are okay, but I would rather not worry about having to work around them and mess with them when I am in the middle of quilting.  
I found the fastest way to do this was to put the cone of thread on the base of a heavy thread stand ( I removed the tall part).  I used long quilt basting needles and basted through the layers, pulling the thread through without having to cut until I was all the way across.
So, I'll see how this goes.  I very rarely try to quilt anything this big.  But I figure that I need to just do it.  Thinking about it and worrying that it won't be good enough is never going to get me the practice that I need to get good enough to please myself.  

I hope that it is nice where you are.  It is cold for this time of year, and it rains and storms every day.  I think there has been one day without rain since the end of March.  We can't even mow the far back of our yard because the ground is so wet we can't drive the mower back there.  The push mower would just clog up with the wet grass.  

Went to see my first 3d movie yesterday.  I like the character of Captain Jack Sparrow, so I enjoyed the movie.  I don't like 3D though.  It is distracting, and gives me a little headache. 
The only reason that I saw it at all was because I went to see an 11:30 movie only to find out that they had changed the movie times and the next regular movie was at 1:50.  So it was either putz around for 30 minutes or go home and come back in 2 hours.  I guess I always wanted to see what they were like, since it seems they are really pushing the format.

I have the next couple of days off and I am going to enjoy working around the house.  I hope that your holiday weekend is good.


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