Wednesday, June 29, 2011


"There are two ways to control. The first is tyranny, imposing one's will through force. The second is deception, persuading others to believe a well-told lie. Deception is more common and more effective, as modeled by the one who seeks to make himself the illicit "boss" of our domain. Freedom is available to anyone willing to believe what IS rather than what appears to be."

Ahhh... the race for President of the U.S. begins again. Probably one of the most important election years (or three, they start so early) in our nation's history. Even some of my faves revert to talking points and start sounding like politicians... I guess they can't help it. So I try to dig into their past actions to make up my mind. Consistency is important to me. Not twisting the the facts to fit an agenda (aka lies), knowing that far too many people are too lazy to do the research involved in learning the real facts. Which means not just sticking with once source.

I used to get deeply into politics on my blog. I stay away from it now, not for the lack of itchy typing fingers and big opinions, but I would rather just keep it light for my readers, and I just feel "safer" if you know what I mean.

Been working extra the past few weeks, just started a new project, that I hope to finish up over the weekend. Other than that not much going on with me. How are all of you?



Carolyn said...

I really miss your old blogs. You see things the way I see it and often you see something that I missed.

Karen S said...

Very cool -- I love the appliqu├ęd logo!