Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Okay, these have been done for several months.  I never got around to blocking them though until recently I ran across them .

 Yes, more shawls.  I think I am finally shawled out.  Although with colder weather here, I am always game for something that will keep my neck warm..  I have made a few long scarves connected at the ends that I just wrap around my neck.  Those are fun, and don't take much yarn, so I can get soft warm stuff like cashmere.  yum. 

I have spent so much time knitting all of these shawls and stuff, that I would have had a decent sweater if I had gone that route instead.  I am going to make one this winter.  It is impossible to find a sturdy warm sweater.  I'm all for cute stuff, but not at the expense of being warm.  I guess I'm too old and too practical to think otherwise.  So since I can't find anything to buy.. I am going to have to make it myself.  I just have to finish up a few of these extra things first.

I hope that you all are keeping warm out there!!


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Robin said...

I love the colors on the squared off shawl. They are both lovely. I have at least 4 projects that are waiting for blocking so I know how that happens.