Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Although I love plants, I don't bother with them, because I am usually inattentive enough that they wither and die.  With the exception of the plant that I have had so long, I named it.  C.C. Bloome, partly after a character in a movie, and partly because it fits.. Christmas Cactus Bloome... 
It started out as a little plant in a 4" pot that I bought in Woolworths about 22 years ago.  Careful inattentiveness and routine has brought where it is today.  In the spring I sit it out on our covered porch, I sit it in the shower when it starts looking withered, and I bring it into the house before the first frost.  I water it for the last time in August, and when the first buds appear, I throw some plant food in, and sit it in the shower.  This year, she is just loaded with flowers.   I worry when it loses a branch, but I think that for the most part, it probably should after so many years. 

Weird how this plant has become a part of the family.  I remember buying it.  The Woolworths was a walk in store in a strip by a large mall.  My kids were little.  My youngest daughters were only about 3, and my mother-in-law and myself and kids were Christmas shopping, and I bought this plant.. who knew that it would still be around this many years later. 

I hope that you all are having a great week.  The weather has been pretty decent here considering Thanksgiving is next week.  I need to get busy on some Christmas gifts.  I wonder every year how I let the holiday sneak up on me, looks like it has again.

Happy stitching!


soren2go said...

I had a Christmas Cactus like that. Same started life in a four inch pot. Then I re-potted it with another 4 incher. It was absolutely gorgeous when it bloomed in the winter. Unfortunately, I had to leave it behind when I moved back to California from Maryland. But it lives on happily in a friend's home. She gives me seasonal updates.
I've bought a small Christmas Cactus out here in CA but I don't seem to have the right sunny window that I had in MD. But it hasn't died.

Rian said...

I have a plant that is a member of the family. It's a Dracena (something like that), I've had it over 20 years. I have killed every other green thing in the house, somehow this one has survived my black thumb. It even survived a month here in the desert when we were gone.

Jennifer Ward said...

I have a plant exactly the same as this. My mother-in-law gave me this and she got from her mother. SO easy to grow and so beautiful.

Jennifer Ward said...

I have a plant exactly the same as this and I got it from my mother-in-law and she got it from her mother.......... Amazing plant, so easy to grow and so beautiful.