Sunday, November 13, 2011


Hello, I've been working all weekend on a purse.  It is CANDICE Lazy Girls newest design.  I have a bunch of their patterns, but I have never actually got around to making a purse.  This one has big pockets and I  can put  my ipad and nook in and still have room for other stuff.

I made it with fabric that I bleach discharged several years ago.  It started out as black and I used a doily as a resist.  After that was done, I over-dyed it red.  Just sitting my my drawer waiting for the perfect project. 
This is the back
And this is the insid with all of my stuff.  I also made their purse insert ( Suzi) so that all of the rest of my stuff wouldn't just be laying in the bottom of the purse.  

So, I've put off laundry for long enough. One more project down.


Robin said...

It looks great! what are the straps made from?

Diane said...

This is the type of purse I like