Sunday, March 30, 2014


Ive been  working almost every day on something.. mostly the same things because they are taking so long.
I made a new bag using a couple of fat quarters, one from Lunn with faces, the other called Zombie apocalypse which is a Riley Blake design .  I used the Pink Sand Beach 'Barbados' bag and put the front pocket on both sides.

I have been working on a couple of miniature quilts that you can read about in my other blog if you want to.  After having to rip and start almost from scratch on the little lone star, I finally finished up the top at 15".  I have to do a couple more applique things on the red and white vortex and that will be finished at about 18"
The Blue vortex was one of the four samples that I made while trying to get what I actually wanted. It is the only sample that I finished.  The pickle dish is one block from a quilt that I have been kind of working on for years, but probably won't continue, and the red and white at the bottom is a mini that my friend Nancy made that I am going to quilt.

My Son and his new wife moved out of state last month.  They were going to take their cat Maxi, but when they decided to drive instead of fly, they had to leave him with me.  So far they plan to come back and get him.  He's a doll.  I will miss him. 
I'm not a great cat lover.  I don't love them enough to put up with the ones that have 'issues'.  But I have had a couple in my life that I truly loved. Maybe because they were more like dogs.  Maxi is one of them.  I'm going to hate to see him go home. Although the litter has proved to be too much for me.  Too heavy to handle.  I have seen some lighter weight litters, I can try those, but then I might want to talk my son into letting him stay, and I'm trying not to do that because I know that he loves him too. 
I decided to start a hand project. A first I thought I would just make a scrappy quilt with little six pointed stars, but when making a sample out of a stack of red fat quarters, I decided to go with a Seven Sisters in all reds and some sort of black print background.
Seven sisters looks like this, depending on what kind of setting you decide to put it in.  That is something that I will figure out in ten years if I am finished.. 

I hope that your spring is nice.. ours is normal, snow storm one day and sixty degrees and sunny the next. Oh well, good thing I'm an 'indoor girl'..


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