Monday, June 02, 2014


It's June already.  Where has the time gone?  Seems like I was only just digging out of snow.    I haven't been sewing much because I am recovering from another shoulder surgery.  I have been content to finish up some knitting UFO's.  I tried about 4 times to teach myself how to knit socks on circular needles, but it is so fiddly, I'm not sure that I will like the technique.  So I have gone back to my tried and true method of DPN's.

I had my husband cut a piece of 1/4" plywood to fit the bottom of my Sterilite drawer, and put in 3/16" dowels to hold all of my cones of thread in place.  It has taken forever, but I have finally found something that works with this size spool.  I can be supremely disorganized in many areas, but with some things, I like to know what I have and be able to lay my hand on it when it need it.

So I am spending my time off of work not really being able to do what I would like.  So it is a long and boring time off.  I'm going back early so that when I finally CAN do what I want, I will have to fit it in between work time.  The worst part is going to be getting up at 5am again..

Will be back when there is something fun to talk about!

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