Sunday, October 16, 2005


I am so incredibly un-motivated. I have important quilty things to do, but I cant get motivated to do them. I was up running to the bathroom all night and all morning. Bill and I ate the same thing, and he wasn't sick, so I must have picked up a bug. Sam threw up a few times to.. maybe we have the same thing.


Anyway, I managed to wrap up 9 packages of chicken tenderloins to freeze, and I cooked a mediocre dinner.
I went to JoAnn's today and bought an 8 1/2" square Omnigrid non-slip ruler. I had a coupon. Went grocery shopping. I took a nap. Didn't do a lick of laundry, and since it is after 8pm, I guess I won't. It should prove interesting trying to find something to wear to work tomorrow. That's about it. I am going to get another applique square ready, I have sewn all of my prepared blocks.
Here is a webshots link to the blocks I have finished.
I have no plan for them. I probably should have done all of them on black. I just wanted something small and portable to take along to work on, so I decided hand dyes on Kauffman Kona Snow. Everything that I make would be black and bright, if I didn't make an effort to do something different. I hope that everyone had a nice weekend. It's back to work for me. Maybe I need a vacation just to lay around. I should figure out what I need next year, and then take a few days off.


Rian said...

Between having your jaw agape and barfing all night, it's no wonder you are un-motivated. Don't be so hard on yourself. I hereby grant you permission to be a slug for a while. It will be good for you...

Pigley said...

You know I love that picture of Sam with Ed!