Friday, January 27, 2006


Twenty three years ago today, my first child and only son Matthew was born. Seeing his age in print really makes me feel old! Matt weighed 10 pounds 15 oz. The preggers picture of me is over a month before his arrival!! I sure don't look like the girls walking around pregnant today, I have this loose little maternity top with a collar and a little ribbon tie.. awww.... Matt is a wonderful young man. He was always a very sweet and sensitive child. He works 2 jobs and goes to college. My husband's employer dropped the age that they will offer insurance coverage, so Matt will lose his insurance on Feb. 1. He just called me to discuss different insurance options. They sent the COBRA information.. and they want over $300.00 a month to cover him. We are between a rock and a hard place. We all work, so we can't get it for free, but we surely don't make enough to pay for insurance like that. And with paying college tuition for 3, we can't pay it for him. So we will have to look around for something affordable that he can get. Two years from now, we will be in the same position with my twin daughters. Hopefully, they will all be able to get decent jobs that will offer insurance.

Let's see.. I went to my favorite bead store that was having a sale. I got out with $45.00 worth. I bought beads that go with my gradations for my new quilt. I plan to use them somewhere on it. they are micro seed beeds and I am sure they will drive me nuts trying to sew them on. I got these incredibly thin needles, but, who knows if the nymo will even fit through. I may abandon the whole idea.

Bill and I are going down to Amishland tomorrow. The weather up here is holding up well, and our favorite truck farm is opening up after a winter break. They have great baked goods. I really have to work on my miniatures so that I can get them finished by the time guild rolls around. That's about it. I hope that you all gave a great weekend!


Jules said...

When I was a grad student not too many years ago, the college offered health insurance. It wasn't great insurance, but it did cover a lot of stuff, including having a baby. (I know, not on your son's list of things to do...) Have him check with student services to see if they have anything.

Anonymous said...

I would contact Medical Mutual, they offer great rates for students. They beat my COBRA all to heck! And they are an Ohio company.
I avoid Bead Paradise, it's not pocketbook paraduse! haha
Mary Ann

cindyquilts said...

As said above ... my college offered healthcare thru the college student services. They covered pneumonia and heart junk for me ... no additional fee. And I thought I was healthy!