Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I was looking for something else, and came across 3 count em 3 New York Beauty quilts in the works. Okay.. one of them isn't pictured.. but I remembered that it existed. But I had completely forgotten about these. One of them has black backgrounds with cotton lame' spires. the other is a patriotic with an applique. Geeze.. just call me A.D.D. Girl. You would think I could stick with one thing until it is finished. I have a couple of finished tops that would be finished quilts if I could get around to getting backs ready. But then, that's no guarantee, because I have had a quilt basted for at least a year... I'm pathetic. I only found these because I was looking for a black zippered folder that has important stuff in it.. I have know idea where it is, but all the search is doing is finding more distractions for my already scattered brain.

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