Tuesday, April 11, 2006


First off, there's the cottage. This is the cottage that we stayed in last year. I think that we will stay in one similar to this one this year. The kitchen/dining/living area were combined, with vaulted ceilings. The porch was great, although we were too tired to sit on it by the time we got back from the show. The best part is that it usually only costs around $150.00 a day. It sleeps eight, so when you go down with a bunch of friends, your share is generally less than 100.00 for the whole stay. KY has beautiful parks. Some people may look at having to drive 20 minutes from town as being a bad thing. But it is worth it for what we get. I have reservations for the next 2 years.

I think that we will have to pace ourselves this year, because we will be there almost a week. Maybe get a pizza in town, bring it back, heat it in the oven and sit on the porch.

The last picture is of the rest area in the main show room at the show. it is like a courtyard. Sometimes there is even somewhere to sit!!

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Karoda said...

This looks very similiar to where my sister and I stay. Is it in a state resort park?