Tuesday, April 11, 2006


These are a couple of my projects. First, you will see that I have cut the 3/4 inch strips of one of my 10 step gradation bundles. This should hopefully get me through quite a few blocks because they are each only 3 inches finished.
And then there are my take along applique projects. I have no real plan for any of these blocks. They will finish at 8". I just really like hand applique, and I like to have something to work on whenever I have to wait around somewhere. I call these kind of projects, "in between projects". If I had something important to work on, I probably would be working on that instead of these. I have a kind of loose idea of what I might do with these blocks when I am finished, but they may end up with the rest of my orphan blocks. Probably would have been a good idea to have some sort of color that would connect them all, but I make each with no plan, I just pull out what ever hand dye catches my eye at the time.
I am getting ready for Paducah. I wish that I had the ability to post photos during my week there, while I'm there, But I don't own a laptop, and I doubt that the cottage will have any type of internet connection anyway. But look for a treat when I come home, because I love Paducah and I love my camera.

This is the opening day crowd in front of the door of the AQS 2004 show. I didn't stand in it in 2005. I walked to town and had coffee and bakery goods.

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