Friday, April 07, 2006


Please also submit a normal quality print of the full front view of your submitted piece on typing-weight paper. Write your name, title of the entry, corresponding
digital file name, and indicate the top on the back of each photograph. The photo should be no larger than 6" x 4" (15 cm. x 10 cm.).

So, does this mean to print a 6 x 4" photo onto a piece of paper.. say a 6x4 photo on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.. or a 6" x 4" photo printed onto regular paper.. and cut out? Why don't I get their wording? I actually did email IQA about this, and they didn't answer.. they probably think I'm a moron..


Pigley said...

Seems like you should just print a 6" x 4" picture on white paper. Cut it so it is that size.
Is that what you mean?

Anonymous said...

The reference to typing paper was a description of the weight they're looking for, not size. You probably haven't received a response yet because everyone was busy with the show in Chicago.

Teri said...

Yeah, I forgot about the Chicago show. I did print it out on regular paper and cut it to size. that should take care of it.. Now I need to find out my membership number.. I can't find my card. Geeze, good thing it's not due until June!!