Sunday, April 23, 2006


Thanks to these nifty bags, I got 3 pair of pants, a sweater, eight or more shirts- I lost track, an extra pair of shoes, and slippers enough clothes for a weeks stay.. in this one carry-on size bag.
I am anxious to go.. but also dreading it. I slept poorly last night. And I don't feel that great today. Hopefully, It will clear up. Maybe a good nights sleep is all I need.

I need to pack "compactly" because 3 of my friends are riding along with me in my Mazda. I need for there to be enough room in the trunk for their things. This is one of those times that I wish I still had a minivan. I do like the 30 mpg mileage my Mazda gets though.. especially since gas is so expensive. Figures that it would be this high the one time in the year I actually travel.

Thanks George.. if only you would have gone to war for the oil.. it wouldn't be hitting me so hard in the pocketbook now.. dumbass...


Jackie said...

Mommy, you are TOO silly for posting a blog about packing..

Anonymous said...

It is such an honor to be in the show at Paducah!! You're already a winner in my book. I LOVE the quilt, and am happy to call you my very talented friend! Good luck!
...and how did you know dumbass is my new favorite word? ( its from watching THAT 70'S SHOW)and yes it does apply to "W" no silly not walmart
your fellow Twisted Stitcher K