Tuesday, June 27, 2006



Who knew? My friend told me of a doggie chiropractor that she and her friends take their dogs to. She suggested that I take Sam because he has a disc problem in his back. Now me, always the skeptic,have scoffed at the idea for a while now. I only know formal medicine.. you know, drugs, surgery.. that kind of medicine. I'm not the acupuncture/ chiropractor type. So I took Sam tonight because I am willing to try what I can to help him feel better. Supposedly, the nerves that come out of the spine in the area of the disc problem are what supply the bladder/kidneys. Since he also has that bladder stone problem, and he recently had to have surgery to remove them. I hope that if this is for real, it will help in that area.
Doc used this little tool that made a snapping sound, and went down Sam's spine starting at the neck. When he got to the area that the disc problem is, Sam started reacting and whining, so we could tell that he hurts there. After it was over, he was happy and prancing. He needs to be adjusted in a couple of weeks again, then he should be good for a month. Hey, it's only ten dollars. Pretty good extra income Doc. $10.00 cash each dog, and there were about 15 or so dogs there.. wonder if he claims this on his taxes?

I am almost done with the center section of my quilt.. only 348 blocks to go!!

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Elle said...

I'm glad he's feeling better!