Wednesday, July 26, 2006


It is hot and humid here. Outside it is mild and nice, but not nice enough to sleep. We had our windows open and fans going because I prefer fresh air to air conditioning. It gets cool at night. But it got to the point that by the time the cool night air cooled down the house, I had to get up again to go to work. I can not sleep well if I am too hot at night. I have enough problems with that because of raging hormones.. or non hormones.. whatever. So, when I got home from work yesterday, I closed up the house and turned on the blessed air.

I pretty much put summer last on my list of favorite seasons.. my favorites in order are, fall, winter, spring, summer. Pretty soon it will be cool again. I can't wait.

Nothing much going on here. I'm working on my project. and discovered that I would have to add another round of blocks (about 84) because when the blocks are sewn together, they will form a star pattern, and if I stop where I'd planned, that means that there will be half stars around the entire edge.

I ordered some lace yarn and a pattern for scarves from Knitpics. It was a pattern called Elizabeth.. I think.. based on lace patterns that were used by a queen..maybe it wasn't Liz.. I will have to look again.