Saturday, August 12, 2006


Today, I broke my rule of not going to a destination that doesn't have an interstate exit. I went to an outdoor quilt show in the southern part of the county that I live in. It was a beautiful day.. mid seventies, sunny, and a wonderful breeze.

I was planning to stay all day with my guild friends, but my dog Sam was up several times during the night, vomiting, and I had to take him to the vet, who kept him. I'm waiting to hear back, she was worried about an intestinal obstruction. I actually had to find a new vet just this morning. I really like my vets, they have a small practice, and are always good to me and to my dogs, but, they are never available when I need them. I called this morning, and there isn't a vet on Saturday. So as long as my dogs only get sick during offices hours, We are okay. But Sam never gets sick during office hours, and he is the sickliest dog I have ever owned. So I called a larger vet clinic that is closer to my home. They are open until 5 on Saturdays, and have a doctor on call for off hours. I'm really hoping that he is okay. I really love him.

This picture indicates why I don't like to drive in the country..

There is my New York Beauty, hanging top row, second from the left.

Of course.. the farm cat can't stand NOT getting on a quilt.. I missed the part that he was digging in.. I think these quilts are just for ambience..

I went out to the show, and was going to stay a while, but I didn't have a signal on my cell, and I was waiting on a call from the vet, so I came home. But it was a really nice show. It was at an area Elk Farm. I didn't see any elk. They were out somewhere, and they were doing rides out to see them but I didn't have the time. Maybe next year...