Thursday, August 10, 2006


My youngest, my daughters Jaclyn and Meghan turn 21 in 3 hours. They are really excited for some reason. Can't see any difference coming except that I have the added worry of them drinking. But, they are officially 'adults' even if only in age. Don't tell them, but I think the measure of a true adult is the ability to live on your own, so your mother can have a studio with windows... I'm just sayin....

I was told by my friend Beverly that she looks forward to reading my blog every day, and that she misses it because I am not writing as often.
I don't have a lot of reasons for it. I have been busy putting my new quilt together. I work on it several hours every day. I worked this morning, then met some friends and helped put 2 quilt tops together for our guild auction. Then I got finished at guild, came home. Mind you, I have been up and moving since 5am and it is now after 9pm. I'm bushed. I came home to a empty house, I don't know where everyone is. Meghan's Marine came home on leave for his brother's wedding, and I think that she and her sister are planning on ringing in their birthday together. Me.. I'm taking a benadryl so I will sleep soundly all night. Tomorrow, I have to piece the back for one of the quilts I did today so that another guild member can hand quilt it. Sue volunteered, isn't that nice of her?
Then on Saturday, our guild is taking part in an outdoor quilt show at of all places, an elk farm! I will take pictures and post them on Saturday.
Right now, I am going to put another block together for my quilt, and then I am going to bed. ZZZZZZZZZZZ