Thursday, August 03, 2006


This is 8 blocks out of 484 blocks that I just finished for my new miniature. This section, sewn together will make a finished 1 x 2 inch section . Which prompted me to have my second "What was I thinking" moment. I was so excited to finish all of the blocks, and then I started sewing them together. It is going to be a nightmare of matching seams and not cutting off points. And all of this just to have someone tell me they don't like it.. What WAS I thinkig?

I started knitting my pretty alpaca yarn, and I have also decided I don't particularly like working with lace weight, and I don't particularly like how it looks either. I got nine rows finished, started working on the pattern, and several stitches slipped off of the aluminum needles. Let me tell you, I have knitted for a long time, and even I couldn't figure out what to try to get back on my needles. So I started over, and I went out to buy bamboo needles. Which aren't as slippery. They work well. I have knitted several rows of the pattern, and I still don't like it. I started a new scarf with a worsted weight wool. It will be bigger, warmer, and I figure the lace pattern will show up well. I will keep you all updated.

Must be a storm coming. I feel like someone has taken a hammer to some of the knuckles on my hand. I have to scoot out to a meeting. Later..