Saturday, September 16, 2006

Bill and I went to Amishland today. I only got a couple of things at Miller's. I got a fat quarter pack of a collection called "Think Pink" which are brown and pink prints. I know.. like something I would never buy. And I bought a fat quarter set of Notions prints. I am going to make a throw quilt out of my collection of these types of prints. I bought a yard of candy cane print for no reason other than I liked it.

I also bought a chicken pincushion. I know I could have made one. I think that I even have a pattern.. but I know I would never get around to it.. so now I have one.

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paula, the_quilter said...

I love that Doreen Speckman chicken. Like you, I have the pattern somewhere and I know I can make it, but will I really make it? I try to support the economay at times by buying.