Thursday, June 21, 2007


Let me tell you. It was nice to walk out of work on time today. And the weekend is upon me. YAY!
After 2 years,

Lily Monster.. or Monster has learned to come down the basement stairs which means that at any moment, my poor unsuspecting angel Sam

Might find himself violently aroused out of a peaceful slumber while sleeping on his bed in my studio.
I blame all of this on Claire

Whom I saw walking down the steps with Lily the other day, no doubt giving her instructions. Claire is also responsible for sending brain waves to Sam to be let out of the bedroom in the morning. Sam puts on his best Lassie impression while he looks at me expectantly running to me and back to the door that Claire is behind. Claire has also given Sam instruction on how to find holes in the fence. I think she's trying to get rid of him.
Bill says that I am giving way to much credit to Claire because she is just not that bright. But, I'm just sayin... it's pretty fishy.

I am working on a log cabin.. I know.. boring, and it is going to be kind of traditional in some ways and not traditional in others. I was going to go one way with the layout, but I have decided to do the traditional barnraising layout. As I go along, I'm sure I will think of other ways to spark it up. Starting with it being made of 3" blocks, and it will be a wallhanging size.. maybe 50"

I'm going out to buy one of those clickers that you use to count people. I need one that has 3 digit places. I am going to use one of these to keep track of the number of blocks I have made. Then I don't have to keep counting them. I think that I need around 200. Well, check back later.. you never know what that Claire will be up to..


Dorothy said...

48" square will be 256 blocks. Good idea on the clicker, though me, I'd still make two blocks too many. I always do (even when I intentionally try to make blocks too few. sigh)

Monster looks like a handful. Poor Sam, no rest for that baby anymore. How'd you, the big dog lover, end up with so many little dogs anyway?

Debra Spincic said...

Have you done anything with your quilting machine yet?

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I am so glad you wrote about your dogs. I have three dogs who talk, teach each other and show how to do things to all the time. When I talk about this people think I am crazy.

I like the colors you are using in your log cabin quilt, Great Job!

Rian said...

Hmmm. I wouldn't trust that Claire. She looks pretty shady to me.

Teresa said...

The most innocent faces (Clare) always have the deepest ulterior motives.

Shelina said...

Teri, this is a great log cabin quilt. I just love the colors. I don't think a clicker would work for me, because I wouldn't be able to remember whether I counted the most recent one or not. I have a tendency to keep losing my count too.