Friday, June 22, 2007


My friend and I attended SACRED THREADS QUILT SHOW in a town near Columbus Ohio. Even though it is only a little 2 hours from me I have never taken the trip down to see it. I has always come after the NQA show, and I have probably felt that I didn't want to make another trip down within 2 weeks. This year I couldn't attend NQA, so my friend and I went to Sacred Threads. I have been to a lot of quilt shows, and this is the first one that brought me close to tears several times. The quilt artists did not have to limit the explanation for their quilt to 25 words or less. The reasons for making their pieces were so touching. Some were made to proclaim the love of God, some after the death of a loved one, or inspired by illness, joy, grief. It was a wonderful show. It is biannual, and I don't intend to miss it again.

We also looked up YARN MARKET I have looked at the site online, but noticed that you could shop there. I wasn't sure what to expect when we arrived at a group of warehouses and walked into an office, not a store. It was wonderful. It helps to come armed with what you want, because
There were four (maybe six)warehouses with floor to ceiling bins of yarns in every conceivable color and brand. They gave us a tour and let us loose to pick out what we wanted. I found some great wool tweed and Mission Falls Wool. I will go back to get them when I know how much I need for a project.
I bought three Cherry Tree Hill sock yarns that were called "Potluck" because they were chance dyed with what was left in the dyepot.. no two alike. My favorite is the dusky purple varigated. I bout 2 toufoutsies a soy silk/wool/cotton/shrimp blend.. and Panda cotton/bamboo enough for 3 pair of socks. It was a good day.

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Shelina said...

I'm probably about 10 minutes away and I've never seen the exhibit. Next time you come, be sure to check out the other quilt shows that happen at the same time. There is one at the Vern Riffe center downtown, and seems to always coincide, and there are a couple more too.