Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I wish there were a way to capture the beauty of the lighted Christmas tree. I'm sure someone can do it, but I can't. Anyway, during 10 minutes of inspiration, I had my daughter lower the big tree down from the attic. A couple of hours later, I had Bill shove it back up into the attic. Then I had him get down my favorite little Charlie Brown tree. It is adorned with Hallmark "Mary's Angels" , and tricycles, and a bicycle from this year, and some tinier angel ornaments, along with some old glass ornaments from Bill and my family. It has silver and gold strand of beads, and a shell angel on the top. There are also a few ornaments that I made several years ago.
I have CASES of old Hallmark ornaments dating back to the late 70's. I only have a few of the most recent ornaments. I still buy a Mary's angel every year. They are small, and I have one from every year dating back around 20 years. I couldn't pass up this year's bicycle. It is what I remember being called a "stingray" it is red with a banana seat and reminded me of my brother. Anyway, it used to take a couple of days for me to decorate the tree. I would lug out the hundreds of ornaments, take each out of it's box, and then have to put all of it away over a couple of days. It made for a beautiful tree, but, I just don't have it in me anymore. All of our kids are grown, our extended families all live out of state, What's the point of all of the work? Maybe someday when we have Grandchildren, I will do a big tree again. Or maybe I will divy up the ornaments between all of the kids, or maybe I should sell them all on ebay..

I hope that all of you are doing well. I will be glad when this hectic time of year is over. I mailed a package to a friend. I could have waited until after Christmas, but I was by the post office. I went in to a line to the door and ONE clerk. So I left. I ended up stopping by another small local postoffice, who closes for an hour every day for lunch. Luckily, they were locking up but let me in. There were 3 people, and they all had to go at the same time. When I was leaving, someone was coming to mail a package. I told them that the P.O. was closed for an hour. It made me laugh when she used common sense and wondered aloud why they would close in the week before Christmas.. I just laughed and said "it's the federal government.. just wait until they are in charge of our MRI's".

I hope to not have to darken the door of any store until after Christmas! bah Humbug.

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Vicky aka stichr said...

I love your scrawny tree! And I mean scrawny in a good way. I posted pictures of rather unusal holiday decor for my 'advent', and I had come across some wonderful different trees, including one made 'from' a wooden ladder....love it!