Friday, February 29, 2008


It is cold and snowy here. I am actually longing for Spring. When I finally got home on Thursday, I got in my comfortable clothes and I haven't left the house since. Today I finished a sock and started the second sock. I realized that I didn't have any red socks which is weird since red is my favorite color. This is a yarn called "Happy Feet" which is a Merino Wool/Nylon blend.
It's blurry, but this is a picture of one of two of the containers that I have to take with me with my small knitting projects. It is a container that I think is meant to hold a rotary cutter. I got them on the notions wall at JoAnn's and they are fairly inexpensive. Less than $3.00 I think.
I holds everything I could need for a small project. A ruler, row counter, crochet hook for picking up stitches, a small tube that holds darning needles and stitch markers, a stitch holder and this dandy little travel scissors that are short and blunt and sharp. They are made by Heritage Cutlery.
This is a little notebook that I picked up at Barnes and Noble, but I have seen them in more and more places recently. It is about the size of a small Moleskine notebook (3 1/2 x 5 1/2), but about a quarter the price. I keep quick references in it. Directions for my favorite socks, kitchner stitch, heel turn, stitch patterns and observations that I make while working on a project, that I think might come in handy again on another project.
I have moved some stuff around in my sewing room. I have been looking for DAYS for a couple of wallets that zip closed. I take it to Paducah every year, and that is about the only time I use it. I lost one, bought another, and at some point I had both, then I can't find either. Go figure. Today, when I couldn't close the drawer that is in my computer desk, I took it out to see what was obstructing it and in addition to several CD's and all kinds of paperwork, I found one of the wallets! I never would have looked there. Anyway, that's what I am doing.. a whole lot of nothing much. And I love it.


floribunda said...

that's a beautiful sock, Teri -- and I really like your idea for using that little case to carry "tools" in. I have one or two of those but I hadn't figured out what to use them for. Now I know...

Sheri said...

Oh... I love that red sock!