Sunday, June 01, 2008


For Rian and Dorothy. Thanks for your comments, I always appreciate them. But I decided that the delete button would be my friend on this one. Hopefully not too many people were bored by the non quilt/knit related banter. I know how much it ticks me off to go to a blog expecting to read something light about knitting, quilting or something fun and find some sort of political comment. Sometimes it just ruins my leisurely walk through other peoples moments. If I wanted to read political blogs there are certainly many out there. I'm sorry to all of you that were assailed with my thoughts on the subject. I hope I didn't ruin your visit. It wont happen again.
Now on to what I should have done to begin with, complain about how much I'm not a gardener. A couple of years ago I planted three clematis plants by my dog pen. I haven't seen much of anything from them until this year when one of the plants was loaded with flowers

There were also tons of weeds and seedling trees in and around the pen thanks to stuff like this
So, excited because I actually have a non dandelion that was doing well, I went out and started cutting and pulling all of the weeds. I was very careful not to pull these vines out of the ground, I thought so but I got one of them. I tried re-planting it, and every time I would run into the house to get something this:


would dig it up. I couldn't figure out what was going on. After the third time, I actually caught her doing it. So far she has lived to talk about it.. but it was close. And she isn't allowed out with me today. I drove stakes into the ground at the bottom of each plant and tied strips of fabric around them, fed them, put mulch around them.. and now look:

They are all drooping. Crap. I've killed them. I should have just left them alone.
See all of these trees? I didn't plant even one of them. Nature did it..every stinking tree I have ever planted has died. So there you go.. I hope I never have to plant things in order to eat. I will have finally found the perfect weight loss plan.

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Soo said...

Tee hee! Nice to find someone with a green thumb as useless as mine!