Saturday, June 14, 2008


This is my eighth day of work in a row. At this point I get a little cranky. Add to that going to the grocery store after I finish and who knows what could happen. I'm usually a slow to anger type. At least I would say I'm slow to respond to stupid - rude people, who I figure aren't worth my time. That is until today. My first mistake is going to the grocery store on a Saturday. I am in line behind 3 people, each with full carts and a kid at the cash register that must have turtle blood because he is moving so slow. I waited all of that time until I was the next person to put my stuff on the belt. I didn't have a much to begin with way less than everyone else, but probably a few items more than the express lane. Behind me there were a couple of people with one or two things. What usually happens, instead of going to the self checkout or to the express line, they pop in behind me and ask if they could go ahead of me. I will admit, I probably would have said no today because I was tired and I had already stood in line about 25 minutes.
Anyway, this other store employee comes up to me and tells me to move over to the next lane and then she disappears. The guy several customers behind me tries to get in front of me with his full cart and his wife and teen aged daughter. I pushed in front of him saying that I had been next in line and was told to come over here. He wasn't happy about it.. but when he said "unbelievable" it set me off. I don't think I have actually yelled at a stranger in my whole life. I told him I was next in line and I would never cut in front of anyone. And by all rights the people behind me should have been in front of him.. I verbally flayed him, and he actually backed down. I wouldn't go as far as believing that he actually understood he was wrong.. but at least I'm not stewing because I didn't say anything. And no, I didn't call names or use bad language..
Anyway.. I only have 3 more days of work to go.

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