Saturday, February 28, 2009

I finally finished the panel to cover my shelved fabrics. I wouldn't have bothered if my fabric did not face a window at a 3 foot distance. I just pieced together blocks. They didn't have to match. I found some pre-cut white print fabic stips to use at sashing, which worked out well because they brought the blocks up to the correct size. I had a bunch of 2 1/2 " strips that came in a fabric kit. I had no intention of ever making the kit. I bought it for the other fabrics, taupe fat quarters. I added that strip on the bottom as an afterthought as it fell about 3/4" short. I have since taken it off, and I think that I will set the top lower on the wood, and it should be fine. One project down..

UPDATE: I took that black and white pieced strip off of the bottom. I mean it was ugly enough already. What I did instead, is hang those nifty removable hooks near the top of the shelf, and put loops on the backside of the panel which helped the panel hang lower at just the right length. Plus, it will be easier to remove and replace now..


Debra said...

Good use for some odd ball blocks!

lindsey said...

This looks great! I've enjoyed looking through your blog, thanks