Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sadly, it is Sunday and the weekend is over. On a high note, two of the three days that I was off were warm and sunny. It is cold and rainy today and will be for most of the week.
I had four of my quilts in a local show, and I won a first place for my miniature (Grace) and a second place for my "Tessa" quilt
I worked long and hard on Grace, and then only
put it in a couple of shows. It won blue ribbons in two of the three, and nothing in Paducah and it wasn't accepted in Houston. I never tried to enter it again, and time slipped away. That, and there aren't many shows that have miniature categories.

I made "Tessa the Bibliophile" for a guild challenge about books. I love Tessa. She is my alter ego. I have all kinds of ideas for her, I just haven't done anything. After all, what am I going to do with a bunch of Tessa quilts?

Here is "Tessanstein" I made this for a Halloween Challenge.
There is a story behind Tessa. When I first got on the internet many years ago, I was terribly paranoid about anyone knowing my name. So I made up the name Tessa to use. But then, I started meeting other quilters from the net, people who had called me Tessa for years online. Let me tell you, it was totally weird for me for 'real' people to call me Tessa out loud. I finally confessed my real name. But Tessa lives on in my mind.

Well, I almost have the signature quilt completely appliqued. I have about 15 blocks to go, and then I can start sewing it all together. There will be another photo coming soon, along with credit for who came up with the idea originally. The original brain behind the idea contacted me, and was very gracious. I have to get the link ready for you, but I have to scoot off of the computer for the moment. Talk to you soon!


Robin said...

Love the Tessa quilt - you could have a one woman show if you do all your ideas!

Cindy's Stitching said...

Just brilliant, they tessa made me laugh, love the design