Saturday, May 21, 2011


I've shown this to you before, but I finished this quilt and my friend quilted it for me.  I used silk batting, and I love the drape. I have been busy putting ufo's together, and I am going to really try to get with it and start quilting my own.  So far when it comes to making larger quilts, I am definitely a 'topper' .  I admit that quilting is my least favorite part, and by the time that I get finished piecing the top, I want to be done with it.  
So I will just pay someone to quilt it so it is done. But for the most part, it is pricey to pay someone else to quilt my top. 
Normally I don't care what is quilted on a "utility" quilt, and when I am curled up in it, the quilting design doesn't matter to me anyway.

Right now I am working on one of those inserts that you can move between purses,  and I am still working on putting together another quilt top.  

It was finally a warm, sunny day without Rain, the first day in a month that it hasn't rained. 
I went to the yarn store and got some pretty coral yarn, and used a 50% off coupon at Borders to get a latte and a 2 Season DVD set of a BBC show called SURVIVORS which is a little more scarily believable than THE WALKING DEAD
as far as apocalyptic series go.
To my friends at work with no sense of humor who laughed at me when I joked about zombies
Ha!  I told you so...

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