Sunday, December 18, 2011


We are going to the movies this weekend. The Mission Impossible sequel looks okay, but we are going to Sherlock Holmes. We used to go to the movies all of the time, but there just haven't been many this year that are worth giving up a couple hours and the money to see.
I have been watching old Christmas movies. I found a box with an old video tape that has a movie called "The Gift of Love - A Christmas Story" it is from 1983. I will be sad when the tape is too old to play. I've always liked this movie. The audio is bad, and the picture is blurry. I made a pattern from one of the quilts that I found in the movie. it was a simple traditional quilt, but I liked it.
I watched the movie today, and I actually saw two more quilts that I had never noticed before.  One was a simple blue checkerboard.  And the other was this one.
This is a simple four patch variation set on point.  Would be easy to draft.  
One of my other favorite Christmas movies is a movie from 1957 called "All Mine to Give".  A movie about a Scottish immigrant family in Wisconsin.  It ends with the death of both parents, and the 12 year old brother taking his six brothers and sisters around on Christmas Day giving each of his six brothers and sisters away to families around the town.  Sad movie.  Anyway, the quilt in that movie is just a simple tied wool patch quilt.  Not unlike some of the quilts that my great grandmother made. I also see another in the background, but there is never a good shot of it.  Might be a woven blanket though.
 The last Christmas movie quilt I can think of is from Christmas With the Kranks
The only time you saw the quilt was when the characters were running down the hall.  
I drafted a pattern for it. Some day I will get around to making it.  I know of two ladies who did make variations of the design though

Now for real quilts.. I have bought a few quilt kits this year.  Not that I necessarily like making quilts that look like a bunch of others, but it is nice to get a lot of fabrics from the same line in one pack.  Hancocks of Paducah had a quilt kit recently that I really liked.  It was a little too pricey though.  Luckily I waited long enough and got it on sale and with free shipping.  The description said that the fabrics were a line of grey

But I was so happy when it came and they turned out to be taupe.   AUTUMN GATHERINGS
This will be one of my projects for next year. 

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Rian said...

Yaknow, there is a lot of good to be said about quilt kits. As long as you don't all have them together in one room, who's gonna know if it has twins out there...