Thursday, December 27, 2012


Had today off work and I decided to do a little end of the year organizing. I found this nifty Ziploc tote at Lowes. I was able to put almost all of flannel yardage into this one tote. 29x16x12"
I did end up with some left over I don't know why I never just dig in and use this stuff.  What a waste.
I did start to piece some of these blocks at one time, but now I lack the desire to make such a precisely pieced quilt with flannel.  I put the pieces into a bag and I will put it on the free table at guild so someone else can mess with it. 
I think that I would rather spend the time making a flannel quilt like this.  not precise, but interesting and colorful.
I was at this big fabric warehouse onetime and I found a panel of these blocks, which are fairly big, and the accompanying print.  They are both Andover fabrics, and both flannel.  I need to figure out something to do with these for myself.  I don't have much of the print though, so I have to make up something with my other flannels that may coordinate. 

I'm working on a couple of things, knitting some things, thinking of a new miniature to do.  Looking forward to the new year. 

Hope yours is good!

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Lindy Sleasman said...

Used almost all my flannel this Christmas making pillowcases for friends and family. Going to make a soffft cozy quilt out of the Andover ( I have it too)